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Right Branding! Right Positioning!

12/02/2019 | branding

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The three tier thread of marketing, businesses are facing today are:

Killer competition

Hyper-proliferation of choices

Communication overload.

All the products and services we use today are associated with a brand.

Your brand says everything about you! But before you formulate strategies for effective branding you need to know the answers to some fundamental questions. You need to discover some core truths about your business, getting to the heart of what it is that makes your brand special and different.

You need to take a genuinely diverse approach to brand establishment, activation, planning and refreshment that has been proven to work. Don’t do off-the-peg. We strive to get right under the skin of your brand design, your goals and your expectations before we even start to do stuff. Any brand agency can produce work that looks good. Your methods should make sure the your brand not only attracts the right customers in the right place, at the right time, but it works. And the results can be measured. Your brand should tell a story to its customers they have been waiting for!

To get your brand correctly placed in the market and make it gain what you aspire to be, here are some tips to be considered…

1) Your Brand currently:

Of course, branding is about much more than creating a logo. Today’s most successful brands are a shared experience, a story, a personality. They may have a powerful, valuable history. Or they may be completely new – a blank canvas on which a personality can be created from scratch.

Ask yourself – How’s your brand doing currently? Not well? Then it seriously is asking for a proper treatment. Understand why it’s languishing with the current branding and positioning strategy!

From market research to brand equity reporting, target and customer feedback to KPI reviewing – it’s key to determine the all-round brand traits before starting with the brand development. No matter whats the project, brand positioning, strategy and key message development will be in the mix before we move on to purposeful design.

2) Brand Identity:

A brand says everything about you. Whether it’s a logo, slogan, colour scheme,  or business card; get your brand identity established in accordance to the personality of your brand that stays on-brand, on-course and on-target.

3) Web & Interface Design:

Everyone loves beautiful design but design isn’t just about aesthetics. The key design angle is functionality and usability – your website and online marketing materials need to convert. Intelligent design solves this thorough research and planning (usually involving wireframing). You need to create your digital presence strong enough to attract the right kind of audience for you that can lead to conversions

4) Advertising and Positioning:

Create a space in the consumer’s mind which automatically associates certain products with the brand. Brand positioning has to be done in such a way so that these products are always associated with that particular brand. Make the positioning statement and advertisement promising, inspirational and something that creates a clear picture in the consumer’s mind.

Make sure that consumers are able to relate to it and keep the target audience in mind. Make sure it is built for long term success. Brand repositioning is important as well in order to provide fresh associations and keep improving the current brand in order to compete with the other brands in the market. A great example of brand repositioning is the evolution of the Pepsi logo.


Evolution of Pepsi Logo – Branding

Your brand can’t afford sleepy ideas.

Reinaphics Creatives has a proven track record of making extensive experience in strategic branding design in Chennai that you can leverage to build a right positioning for your brand. Partner with us today and get your brand to newer heights.


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