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Best Unique Author Websites That Inspire

14/03/2018 | branding

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Each day, we scout for best website designs for new inspirations and design learnings. Whilst our search today, we stumbled upon some unique author websites that were amazingly designed and developed by various web design agencies.

Gone are the days when authors solely relied on book readings, book signings or a few promotional events at the local bookstores and publication houses to advertise their books.

With the era being ruled by all things digital, we must rethink the ways in which an author can reach out to the huge world for announcing their book launch or a reading and signing event.

What’s the answer here? Simple, the quickest way is by building an unique author website.

Not like it has not been done before, author websites have there been singled the early days of the internet but most of them look like a drab. It hardly serves the purpose of selling books or building a brand value for the author.

The author website designs were picked, for it featured an example of effective and personal branding and marketing.

Take a look at what we have been inspired by, to give every new author a creative boost to create a big impression in the digital design world.

Don’t forget to leave us your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

1. David Sedaris:

David Sedaris’s website gets you started with minimal website design and talking business straight away.

Take a look: www.davidsedarisbooks.com

2. J K Rowling:

The Harry Potter author, Joanne K. Rowling surely has us all awed by her books and the movies that were created later based on it. The website design of Rowling, surely lives up to her brand value which has grown immensely over the years. Do we have anything else to say?

Take a look: www.jkrowling.com

3. Austin Kleon:

The New York Times bestselling author of three illustrated books: Steal Like An Artist, Newspaper Blackout, and Show Your Work! Austin speaks through his drawings and makes art through words and pictures in his books.

Take a look: https://austinkleon.com

4. Judy Moody:

From creators Megan McDonald & Peter H. Reynolds, Judy Moody is totally fun and uber-funny. Their books feature way-cool facts about all kinds of topics. In fact, the series can help teach kids about all kinds of topics – from algebra to pirate lore, endangered species to the American Revolution.

Take a look: www.judymoody.com

5. Gokul Santhanam:

A multi-faceted HR professional and author, who chooses to live life with a simple tagline “Be Yourself”. His book talks us about “Management Lessons from Movies, which most of us would’ve watched as we grew.

Take a look: www.gokulsan.com

6. Anthony Horowitz

Simple and sophisticated is the feel, which you get on viewing Anthony’s website. The mystery book writer, chooses to keep the colour theme of his website simple with two colours and effective.

Take a look: www.anthonyhorowitz.com

In recent days, various publishing houses in India, like NotionPressHappy Self-Publishing and many more, have created a platform for authors to publish, promote their books around the world, providing print on demand facility thus bringing down cost factor and building a brand value for the author.

Authors can now make use of their packages to write and design their books and market it online as well.

What are you waiting for? Make the jump! We are there for you!

At Reinaphics Creatives, we will help you with your needs, build a creative, purposeful audience aware website with enthusiastic involvement and design at a reasonable cost.


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