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10 New Year Resolutions To Make This Year, Better Than The Year Before

14/02/2019 | general

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Every new year begins with new year resolutions, wishes and expectations. Ever wondered on how to make this year, better than the year before?

As a first step on every new year most of us take resolutions, but never practice them, till we attain our desired state.

These days, people get on with a viral mode often viewing motivational videos on YouTube to make their life better than the year before. But we fail to understand the fact that, the change for a better living starts within us.

One need not take up many resolutions, if he takes one or two and sticks to it, that would lead him to a better future.

In the interest of your transformation towards success here are 10 tips of new year resolutions that would make you a better individual in 2018!

Tip 1. I will try to find out who am I?

Aren’t you bored of leading a routine life that has no purpose apart from chasing money?

Who knows if you are born to be the next Paulo Coelho or Maniratnam? All of us are creative in multiple aspects it is just that we don’t realize them. The best way to do that is to get on to the streets, meet new people, interact with them, travel a bit beyond your wish list, that would certainly refresh your thoughts.

A travel is worth a million, that can make you become a creator cherishing an experience larger than life!

Tip 2. Five fingers do not look alike, and I know that I am unique.

A college topper has never become a billionaire, autobiographies were never written about a student who was in the good books of teachers.

The world has never recognized someone who tried to please his boss always. The world remembers only those who unleashed their unique gifts given to them by the creator.

Identify your strength, work on it and that differentiates you as a brand over the commodity.

Tip 3. I will make my own choices.

It is equivalent to committing a sin, when you are giving up becoming a film maker despite being creative and choose to become an engineer to satisfy the society.

A profession without any passion is like a heaven without freedom.

It’s your life, your career, make your own choices and that will boost your confidence and make you responsible to reach the destination where you aspired to be!

Tip 4. I will stay greedy and hungry with childlike curiosity.

We were taught to be satisfied with what we have but, we fail to recognize that all of us are gifted with equal talents to lead our life successfully on this earth by our creator.

There is no wrong in aiming to succeed in two or more fields one being the professional and other one on the personal front. You shall be greedy and stay hungry for people’s adoration any day in your life.

Being childlike curious will help you to come out with flying colours in whatever job you do.

Tip 5. I will aspire for more and grab them all.

People always force you to choose the best, but they never understand that, you love to have it all by yourself. It is said that you cannot have all what you desire, of-course yes, do you know why?

Because, we never try. Aspiring to accomplish many goals is not impossible, it just requires ‘interest’.

A brave heart with complete willingness to achieve will find its own way to grab all the opportunities against all odds!

Tip 6. I will never holdback and compromise myself.

Never convince yourself to accept what you are being offered by your boss. You can dream big reach heights no one has the right to draw boundary lines for your aspirations.

Voice your opinion at the right time and to the right people submissively, only then you will be heard in this maddening crowd.

Do not holdback yourselves! That attitude will hold you back from attaining your respect and recognitions forever!

Tip 7. I will continue to fail until I arise like a phoenix.

None can stop you from failing, because you cannot taste success before having a toast of failure.

If there is someone who says, “I have never failed” that means, he is living a life blind folded, trying to fool himself!

There is no harm in failing but, if we don’t analyse and correct our mistakes swiftly we are digging our own grave.

Be brave to fail and stand up immediately not to walk, but to run fearlessly!

Tip 8. I will take calculated risks to earn better returns.

Being skeptical about taking risks will fetch us nothing other than deep nostalgia. Just dreaming big has no value unless we try them out.

Dare to take giant leaps with well informed decisions that increases your success and diminish your failure without you going bankrupt!

Tip 9. I will earn more not only for me, but also for the needy on the streets.

One need not become a billionaire to help the poor. Just spend some more time beyond your office hours in monetizing other talents to help the needy with food. A few hundreds a month will suffice the noble cause.

For a change, just try once this new year to help them, you will feel the magic of love within you!

Tip 10. I will harness my creativity for the social wellbeing.

This is such a small world that fits perfectly within our electronic gadgets. A virtual platform can disrupt the whole social setup. Money or gold is no more an asset, today it is all about data and ‘content’.

Instead of utterly scrolling your newsfeed over Social media, just try once to create a powerful content such as videos, photo collage, creative cartoon sketches or blog writing that expresses your views and thoughts on societal transformations.

Being heard and appreciated is never less than a billion dollars.

Life, isn’t that serious. It is an awesome journey that one must experience, as it is!

Never panic, we are not making any rockets, just let things happen, everything will settle down according to you, over a period.

Success is a combined recipe of brevity, knowledge, peoples connect, patience and above all the ‘perseverance’!

Go ahead, unleash yourself and never settle, till you have achieved your goals.


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