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Branding for Boot-strapped Start-up Businesses!

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469 total views, 169 views today Being in marketing or business, one must commonly have heard the term “branding” or “brand” being spoken, around a lot. Each company has its own, way of defining a brand, as well. However, one thing that rings true for most phenomena in the world is that it comes at a price. …

Every Woman “Superwoman”! Inspiring Successful Women Stories

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41 total views, 2 views today We all know that the world is a difficult place to live in. Every day there are new hurdles and challenges thrown at us. On top of that, if you are a woman, you know that history hasn’t exactly been on your side. Women, in fact, are seen as ‘ahistorical figures’ …

Right Branding! Right Positioning!

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27 total views, 2 views today The three tier thread of marketing, businesses are facing today are: Killer competition Hyper-proliferation of choices Communication overload.   All the products and services we use today are associated with a brand.   Your brand says everything about you! But before you formulate strategies for effective branding you need to know …